“We strive to capture the beautiful, precious moments in your life
to enjoy forever for you and generations to follow.”

At North Bay Photographers, we pride ourselves in our shared passion and ability in helping capture timeless moments for our clients… We strive to take photos that are engaging, compelling, and worthy of displaying proudly in your home or sharing with friends and family.

Matt Roohian created North Bay Photographers as a way to express and share his ongoing enthusiasm and love for photography with others. Beginning his photography career at the age of 16, he purchased his first camera after moving 5000 miles away from home. Through photos, he was able to document his new life and view things in new ways, such as noticing the way light and subject matter converged in perfect harmony. Matt soon realized taking photographs was becoming a lifelong passion, and although nothing was off limits, he eventually discovered his favorite photos were those he took of people.

“People are so interesting and I love capturing their spirit and light in pictures. My goal is to convey their feelings, thoughts, and emotions - preserving them forever in a photograph. To me, portrait photography is all about capturing these emotions, as well as personalities, relationship dynamics, and the beauty that is dormant within us all. Photography’s ability to preserve our history, while reviving old memories and emotions, are qualities that are completely unique to this art form. It’s very rewarding when I am able to capture a meaningful moment in a person’s life, enabling them to look back on that memory and share it with future generations.”

As North Bay Photographers continues to strive towards creating memorable and engaging photographs, we’re constantly gathering talented and open-minded individuals to join our team. Our shared passion for this art form has brought many people together from various backgrounds, interests, and perspectives, allowing unique and fresh approaches to our business. Let us share our love for photography with you and your loved ones and help preserve precious moments in your life for generations to come. There’s no better time than now!